A touch of glam whilst doing our bit for the planet.

The owners Trudy & David set themselves a challenge about was it possible to provide luxury accommodation, that tried to meet sustainability principles without spending a fortune. Perlubie Sea has gone a long way to meeting that challenge and they continue to look for opportunities to reduce their footprint, recycle, upcycle, purchase organic, natural & as local as possible. All building materials were assessed against their environmental qualities, distance to access, & budget. Trudy has re-upholstered most of the furniture either from personal items, purchased from the local second hand store or found on the side of the road during hard rubbish days. South Australian wines & beers have been sourced, all food produce is locally grown, caught or purchased from local suppliers and skin care products are sourced from South Australia & Victoria. Bamboo sheets & towels are absolutely luxurious and good for the environment. Beautiful Ecowud candles produced locally in Wudinna add a touch of glam in the bathrooms, visit www.ecowudcandles.com . Perlubie Sea is a work in progress, not environmentally perfect yet, but is trying very hard to do the right thing without sacrificing quality & a touch of glam.

The whole ethos of Perlubie Sea is to stop and enjoy the moment & there is no better place to do that. Stunning coastline, pristine water, surprising wildlife and at night more stars than you can imagine. In addition to the wonderful natural characteristics of the area, Perlubie Sea is a very flash place to stay, with yummy food. Both Villa's Black & White provide you with the opportunity to escape from the daily grind, chill and just enjoy the simple but stunning things in life.

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