Villa Black or Villa White which one is right for you?

Both villas are less than 100 meters from the water and overlook Eba Island and the white sand dunes framing the beach at Perlubie Landing. Each villa has its own personality, individually decorated to pay homage to the eclectic 60's and 70's eras. Black is very strong & showy, with lots of black….really!!! White is more subdued but with a touch of glitz & white is the feature colour….as expected.

Staying at Perlubie Sea is all about relaxation and connecting with the simple things in life. Minimal distractions ensure you are able to enjoy the beautiful surrounds. A television with foxtel and excellent sound system for your music is provided but that's it, deliberately!! minimise distractions & really allow you to enjoy the moment. If internet or other business facilities are unexpectedly required, we can assist.

Each villa is designed to cater for one couple.

Perlubie Sea welcomes pets as long as when inside the villa they stay off the furniture & bedding & outside the villas they are under your control so as not to upset other guests or the wildlife.

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